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1st pic 1st row Musician: Boxx-A-Million

Born Connis Paul Landry, Boxx-A-Million, is an emcee New Orleans (9th ward & Westbank) native that currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although a ¼ owner of Indie label Viet 9 Entertainment, LLC and member of super group, New Orleans Bomb Squad (founded by DJ Ice Mike 1200). He is also a self-contained, managed, and distributed solo artist.

2nd pic 1st row Eating: J & J Seafood

An easy choice for great seafood in the New Orleans area for many years. J & J Seafood has a plethora of delectable items to choose from when it comes to boiled seafood. Located at 632 Franklin St. in Gretna, La. You won't be disappointed when satisfying your appetite by making a stop at J & J Seafood.

3rd pic 1st row Band: Gang Psi Fly

Super talented, on the verge, rap group from the Westbank(Kennedy Heights) of New Orleans. Follow them on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, just to name a few. Become a fan of a group that's destined to blow and let them know you found them here first.

4th pic 1st row App: 504 Nation

Go to your app store and download the "504nation" app and get caught up on all the latest news going around in the 504.

1st pic 2nd row Gifts: Mona's Accents

Mona’s Accents is a family-owned flower shop and delivery service that crafts arrangements for any occasion located at 2109 N. Claiborne Ave New Orleans, LA.

2nd pic 2nd row Banking: Hope Federal Credit Union​

Hope Federal Credit Union started in 1995 as a small (black owned and operated)church project. HOPE is a community development credit union that helps low- and moderate-income people in the nation’s poorest region build a solid financial foundation for a better future.

3rd pic 2nd row Author: Moe Smith

Moe Smith, born as Katrina Smith on January 31, 1977, was raised in an area known as Uptown New Orleans. Moe is an alumni of New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA), one of the most prominent fine arts schools in the state of Louisiana. Support her by clicking on the icon to the left and get her book titled 'I Wish I Had A Dad'.

4th pic 2nd row Dining: Neyow's Creole Cafe

Customers come from all across the globe to get a taste of Neyow's Creole Cafe. Located in the heart of Mid-City New Orleans and well known for Authentic Creole Cuisine, Neyow’s is one of the most recommended restaurants by Uber Drivers and Hotel Concierge.